Plugin VIP Plugin ( ALL FEATURES ) 1.35

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Amxx 1.8.2
/vipmenu - In chat
Compatible With
Amxx 1.8.2, Amxx 1.8.3, [RE] Amxx 1.8.3 or +
Installation Instructions
Download, Compile Plugin
Add to Server , Update plugins.ini
Joe, DiGiTaL
Plugin Features :
    • Chat-tag messages from the plugin
    • Sound and message when connecting a player
    • WeaponMenu for VIP (vipmenu, / vipmenu) - weapons: ak47, m4a1, awp, machine gun.
      • Also the chat team: / ak47, / m4a1, / awp, / b51.
    • Damager
    • Additional HP for Kills
    • VIP status in TAB
    • When spawning a VIP player Gets a Deagle, grenades, armor.
    • AWP and Machine Gun can be used from round 6 (you can change for yourself).
Settings :
#define VIP_ACCESS ADMIN_LEVEL_H            // VIP access flag (by default flag "t" ADMIN_LEVEL_H)
#define CHATTAG "^3[^4VIP^3]^4"             // Prefix before messages || ^ 1 - yellow ^ 3 - team color ^ 4 - green
#define VIPROUND 2                            // From which round you can open the VIP menu
#define AWPM249RND 6                        // From which round is AWP available and a machine gun

#define ADDHP_HS 2                            // Add HP for killing in the head
#define ADDHP 1                                // HP for killing in the body
#define MAXHP 100                            // The maximum Amount of HP

#define AUTOVIPMENU                            // Automatically open the start menu at the beginning of the win (disabled by default)
#define VIPAUTODEAGLE                        // At the beginning of each round, give Deagle
#define VIPAUTOGRENADE                        // Give at the beginning of each round grenades
#define VIPTAB                                // Show the VIP status in the table on the tab
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest reviews

Nice ,Bt you should Add VIP models too in the source
No need for that coz Plugin treates all VIP players as a VIP of game so it will grant VIP models automatically to them :)