Plugin Knife It UP - Auto Sync 3.0.7

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1 = Random
2 = Sequential

csi_kkb_type "1 or 2" ( Default : 1 )
Plugin will now auto create default directory now for user's ease
Logs will be displayed if directory or sound files does't exists

Default Directory is : sound / knife
v3.0.5 :
  • Optimized
  • Added cvar to change Songs directory
  • Sound switching method corrected
  • Used SyncHud
  • Used separate include of colorchat to support 182
* Changed Style of Sound Switch
New Version uses a single Command not 2 commands like previous which were /soundon and /soundoff
It uses /sound as a single command for switch now ..
1st time /sound = Off
2nd time /sound = On ... goes on

* Removed csi_kkb_enable as it have no additional use
* Optimized and made code short
* Added More support for Amxx 1.8.2
* Plugin will use sv_maxspeed 1000.0 from now as many use speed more than 300
Added Hud Message Announce for Knife Kill

Can be Configurable through CVAR csi_kkb_hud
Random Colored with Flickering Effect
Changed Bonus speed Remove Message to show to knifer only
  • Removed Unnecessary Code
  • Removed CSTRIKE Module Usage
  • Added Auto Sync for Sound files directly from Folder
  • Added More Support from CVARS
  • Removed Hardcoded file usage ( Const. )
  • Fixed Speed Bug ( Player was getting Speed in Freeze Time initially )
Likes: xRJx
- Remove Glow [ Fixed ]