Addons for REHLDS

Includes most popular addons
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Addon Name Author Version Function  
REUNION Crock, Asmodai, s1lent 0.1.92 Allows Non Steamer Download
RECHECKER s1lent 2.5 Verify Client's Files Download
REAUTH Checker Adidasman 0.1.6 Authorizes client before Entering Download
REVOICE Crock, Asmodai, s1lent Allows NonSteamers to communicate Download
REAMXMODX REHLDS TEAM Build7 Optimized version of AMXMODX Download
RESEMICLIP Adidasman, s1lent 2.3.9 Semiclip for players ( Transparency ) Download
REAIMDETECTOR REHLDS TEAM 0.2.2 Detection of AIMBOT / NoSpread Download